Presqu’ile Volcanoes

The blast we had for a couple days knocked down the volcanoes. They need to rebuild once again.

Snow squalls in the park

I went down to the park this morning, to see if there was a swell on the lake. Perhaps the volcanoes would be a erupting.

I couldn’t even see the road!


A Walk in the Park

The winter weather has been a bit out of the ordinary this year. We still have ice from the ice storm of last month. It was slippery in the park, but with ice grippers on my boots and my cane, I fared well. I stopped at the Park Host parking lot, and headed to the shore. I had been thinking of coming down here on Tuesday when it was very cold and blustery, but stayed inside instead. I should have come down. The volcanoes would have been spewing their lava all day long!


Here is a photo of the three best I saw today. They would surely have been impressive to see in their glory. As the waves roar against the edge of the ice, the water is forced underneath the ice & when it finds a crack to escape, it shoots forth and forms a faux stratovolcano.


Here is a close up of the one in the middle. I’ll have to head back when it is windy to watch them in action.

As I was walking, the clouds moved in, and and it started to snow a bit. It was a dark and foreboding view, especially with the crepuscular rays shining through.


There was a light south-west breeze and the temperature was around -8°C.

Red-headed Woodpecker in the park!

After my walk, jog and hike in Presqu’ile, I was slowly driving out and saw a couple of Robins on the side of the road. Except one wasn’t a Robin… it was a Red-headed Woodpecker! Unfortunately, all I had with me was my little p&s Casio camera. I should have taken a couple of pictures anyway of the woodpecker on a tree next to the road. My DSLR was at home. I’ll have to put my DSLR in the car for occasions such as this.

School Days from the 60′s

I had scanned these photo’s some time ago, but somehow lost the scans. So I re-scanned them. Hopefully I won’t lose them again. Nothing was done to them, other than adding the names of everyone in the class.

Mom & Dad moved us from  the Birch Cliff Heights Public School area in Scarborough to West Rouge in 1963. At the time, West Rouge (the west bank of the Rouge River) belonged to Pickering, but it was later annexed by Scarborough. We lived a very short walk to school at 138 Sunny Slope.

I look at my printing and spelling and just laugh, it was awful!

Here we are in Grade 3, almost 50 years ago! WRPS Grade 3 1964

Grade 4…WRPS Grade 4 1966

Grade 5 in Canada’s Centennial Year of 1967. Did anyone else go to Expo ’67 in Montreal that summer?WRPS Grade 5 1967

The last year at West Rouge Public School.WRPS Grade 6 1968These photo’s are great souvenirs of a time long, long ago!


Grade 7 and 8 were spent at Woodlands Centennial School, which had just opened, then on to Dunbarton High School next door for Grades 9-13.


May the fourth (be with you)!

CIMG0375Another beautiful day out today. I took off to Lola’s in the car to pick up lunch & head to the park. You could tell the fishing derby was on, as there were a lot of trucks & trailers at the Ontario Street Parkette. I headed in to an almost empty park. I thought that there would have been more people there, but I suppose they were all fishing!

Of course, on leaving to get lunch and go to the park, all that was on my mind was LUNCH. So I forgot my watch & HRM. I decided instead, after dining by the lake, to walk & hike a bit, and not go as far as planned. Today would be a good day to get the garden cleaned up. The hosta’s are poking out of the ground as well as the lilies, and the Bleeding Heart is amazingly large. I had one in a garden at Thomasburg that didn’t do much of anything. So this one is nice to have.

The horror!


The horror indeed! I went to the park today for a walk, jog and hike. All along the lakeshore, there were a bazillion little black bugs. They were inhaled through my mouth and nose, in my eyes, in my ear… It was just awful! But… at least they were just innocuous little non-biting black bugs! You can’t see them in this photo, but believe you me – they were there!

It was a beautiful day today. I took my running jacket along with me, but took it off once I hiked through the woods.

This was the first half-assed jog I’ve done in ages. Check out my route at my Garmin page. I’ll just walk it tomorrow to see how long that takes.