Where’d the AWOS go?

 Oh right… this was 1995!

     The AWOS was still over the hill at the AES compound. They eventually gave us the old one when they took receipt for their new one. And 21 years later, the military should have a brand-spanking new one up there. At least they should! All we had then was the Stevenson Screen and a ceiling projector. Never had any use for the ceiling projector as it was sunny 24 hours a day when I was there. Well, until September, when it started to set for a bit each day.

     My first trip north was back in the summer of 1995. Flew 9 hours or so from Trenton-Iqaluit-Alert. The plane spent the night in town before heading back to Trenton the next day. It must have been a quiet day, as here I am fishing at Met Pond. Very quiet, as even the Long-Tailed Jaegers were MIA!

Where’s the polar bear?…

     There’s my gal, keeping me safe!

     Whenever I called for the wolves, 45 minutes or so later, the whole pack would be at the office for a visit. This gal was the “alpha” female. She was quite photogenic. Here she is atop the snowbank we had outside the office that year (Spring 2007). It was so high, one of the other guys cut in some steps so he could clamber up to the top of it. I took a few photo’s of her checking out her domain. Well, MY domain, but I let her do her own thing…

Snow Sculpture

     For a few days back in April 2007, we had a good blow out of the south-west. Combine that with a lot of loose snow, and this is the result. Out from under the back end of the Ops building, the wind blew and the snow swirled, creating this unique snow drift. It was about 10 feet high. It’s amazing what a bit of wind & snow can do. Unfortunately, the next day, Maxi (Senior Med-A) decided to climb on top & “body surf” it. The top piece snapped right off with his weight. At least I snapped a few photo’s before that happened! You can see the airfield off in the distance.

Canadian North ready to go

     For a while, Canadian  North was used to ferry personnel and equipment to & from Alert. This was primarily due to the fact that there was a war going on in Afghanistan. They couldn’t carry as much as the Hercules C-130 airplane, but they did keep the station personnel happy!

     They were extremely appreciated by me, as the pilots arrived with “new” newspapers (not 1 or 2 weeks old) and some decent coffee (a pound of Starbucks IIRC) as well! I missed them when the contract ended!

     This is from Thursday March 22, 2007.

Re-visiting the north

     It’s been a few years since I was last up in the Arctic. Here is one from Resolute Bay taken on Wednesday July 4th, 2007. The flight back couldn’t land in Thule, due to the American holiday, so we had a stop-over here instead. Here I am looking south-west at the ice-choked “North-West Passage” and Griffith Island in the distance. I loved it up there and would like to go back one of these days.

The Super-Harvest Moon Eclipse of September 2015

I packed up my camera gear & headed to Presqu’ile Provincial Park to view this. Unfortunately, it was not to be for everyone in the area, as bands of clouds moved through before a solid deck started to move in. Nothing of it was seen by my eyes!


There is my set up, as another layer of cloud moved in. Just as well anyway, as I don’t have an ideal lens for a subject like this. 

Here is an animated gif of what I could see, which was well before the eclipse started. Please take note that the retrograde motion of the moon was not of the moon!


East vice West Longitude Problem with iPhone5…

I always wondered if I was in Brighton. According to the GPS data collected by my iPhone, I am, at times, north-east of Almaty, Kazakhstan! It switches out West latitude for East latitude!

But what is odd is that the video I took of trembling leaves was correctly located in Brighton, but when added to my Instagram account, it was all of a sudden transported to Almaty! What’s up with that? 

According to some site I DuckDuckGo’d to, when the GPS signal is weak, location errors occur. But why a copy of a video that already has correct location data? 

Just another thing to make you go hmmm…GPS error