Breaking news…

Global TV has reported that the man-bun is the new cause of baldness! Seems to be caused by the tight pulling of hair. I guess I won’t bother with it now! It looks ridiculous anyway!

The Super-Harvest Moon Eclipse of September 2015

I packed up my camera gear & headed to Presqu’ile Provincial Park to view this. Unfortunately, it was not to be for everyone in the area, as bands of clouds moved through before a solid deck started to move in. Nothing of it was seen by my eyes!


There is my set up, as another layer of cloud moved in. Just as well anyway, as I don’t have an ideal lens for a subject like this. 

Here is an animated gif of what I could see, which was well before the eclipse started. Please take note that the retrograde motion of the moon was not of the moon!


East vice West Longitude Problem with iPhone5…

I always wondered if I was in Brighton. According to the GPS data collected by my iPhone, I am, at times, north-east of Almaty, Kazakhstan! It switches out West latitude for East latitude!

But what is odd is that the video I took of trembling leaves was correctly located in Brighton, but when added to my Instagram account, it was all of a sudden transported to Almaty! What’s up with that? 

According to some site I DuckDuckGo’d to, when the GPS signal is weak, location errors occur. But why a copy of a video that already has correct location data? 

Just another thing to make you go hmmm…GPS error

At Timber Ridge Golf Course

Community Care Northumberland had their annual golf tournament on Thursday June 4th at the Timber Ridge Golf Course in Brighton.

Here is a (better) view of the Par 3 12th hole. $10,000 was up for grabs if there was a hole-in-one. I saw one guy “almost” get it. His ball came to a stop a scant 2 feet from the hole. 

The 12th Hole
  Then the other “big prize” hole was the Par 3 3rd hole. Here is a view of that hole with the Hyundai Elantra that would be given away for a hole-in-one….


Unfortunately, neither was given away. But it looked like all had a good time in any case. It was a perfect day for a game of golf, or just sitting, watching for a hole-in-one as I did.

I had lunch at their bar. The Timber Ridge Crunchy Chicken burger was very good. I should have asked if they do breakfasts as well – as it could be yet another place to go for brunch!

Why do I buy cheap weather apps?

I bought yet another weather app for my phone the other day. It looked pretty good. That is, until I started using it. The other day it was 24°C out. My NetAtmo unit agreed. This weather app (Weather Live) said it was 11°C but that it felt like 23°C!

11°C FEELS LIKE 23°C!!!!!

What the heck? I just checked it now once again. Here is the report…  


Weather Live best guess


NetAtmo’s report. Outside is the top ½, bottom ½ is indoor. It’s an excellent piece of kit. You can get a rain gauge for it a

Panoramas with PSE13

I recall some time ago, I tried to merge 5 photo’s using an earlier version of Adobe’s Photoshop Elements. It was awful. You could see the seams of each photo, and the power lines to the right didn’t line up – they were broken up at the seams. I sighed and deleted the result. It was going to be far too much work to clean it up.

I recently upgraded to v13 of PSE, and what a difference! Here is a beautiful example of what it can do in a matter of seconds! I have decreased its size to 25% as the original is over 8,000 pixels wide.

Looking west on the Moira Road, just east of Highway 62

Looking west on the Moira Road, just east of Highway 62

This is taken from near the top of a hill on Moira Road, just east of Highway 62, north of Belleville, Ontario. The photo belies the steepness of the hill! There is a house just behind me to my left – it has a gorgeous view of the surrounding countryside. You can see for miles from this vantage point.

I recently downloaded Affinity Photo, which is in a free ßeta at the moment. I found it very easy using it to delete elements in a photo. It was so much easier than with PSE. Here is the above photo, without those messy wires. It just took a few minutes to fix it up with Affinity Photo.

Look ma, no wires!

Look ma, no wires!

Maybe I should check out PSE13 to see how that has changed! Later though, as I want to get back on my bike for a ride around Mackinaw Island.

Well, I checked out PSE13 the next day to see how editing out stuff has changed. It hasn’t, at least as far as I could tell. Still not quite as slick as Affinity Photo. AP just updated their ßeta today. It is getting better all the time!

The Volcanoes of Presqu’ile aren’t quite the same this year

IMG_0293-0I finally made it back to the park since the main road in to the park from the main gate was paved last fall. It was amazingly quiet. This winter has been harsher than usual, what with the snow and the temperatures. We haven’t had a thaw yet, so animals and birds are few & far between. Brighton Bay (aka Presqu’ile Bay) is completely frozen over, so the swans have had to go elsewhere. You can see a few buffleheads in the photo below – they are the black dots in the water!

It looks like a lot of ice was blown out into the lake recently. You can see it off in the distance, just waiting for a southerly breeze to nudge it back against the shore again. As it is now, there are a number of natural harbours in the ice that has remained along the shore.