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Quiet Sunday

Today was a quiet day for me. One plane, that was supposed to be here at 4pm is still in Eureka. Donnie is working it – she said she didn’t mind, as it’s the last plane of her tour.

There is one (or maybe 2) seals in the bay. They have a small hole where they pop out of every so often to get warmed up by the sun. Where’s that polar bear?

I went to the Storm Gym this afternoon, which is back in the Tech Stores room. I ran 6 simulated Shuttle Run’s up to Level 4, then ran on & on. I ended up doing 7.58 k’s this aft. So that makes it about 17.58 k’s I’ve run so far up here.

On the agenda this evening – dinner at 5pm, then Bingo at 7pm.

I’ll be heading down to the office with Donnie tomorrow morning. I’ll take a look at the Dewcel & Laser Ceilometer. Then try to shovel out the doorway to the old AWOS building, and also do a stock check for the DA account handover. So a rather busy day for me tomorrow.

The observing program starts up once again at 10pm, for the C-17. They leave Trenton at 2am, arriving here around 8am. They offload cargo and fuel (around 40,000 lbs of fuel!) then head right back to Trenton. More flights are scheduled for the heat of summer, but some are saying they won’t be able to do it. The runway isn’t too bad, but the area he turns around in will be the problem. All that weight will tear that area up. Time will tell. Boxtop this September is rumored to be 15(!) C-17 flights, as opposed to 125 or so Hercules C-130 flights! Maybe 8ACCS won’t bother coming up for just 15.

Until tomorrow, take care!

uh-oh, they are here…

Thursday was a quiet day. I went down to the office to check things out. Not much has changed in that regard. Just that no one has done any routine maintenance on the equipment. As a result, the laser ceilometer does not work, the dewcel (remote temperature sensor) does not work, the pressure does not work. All the AWOS spits out now is the wind and dry bulb temperature. I won’t tell you how the dewpoint has been determined, but that will change soon!

I went out for a walk after supper to the quarry. The giant inukshuk is there, as well as all the drilling & crushing equipment. There was also one wolf walking down the slope toward Dumbell Bay. I started to talk to him, and he looked over at me. He must have thought it was just me back again for a spell. He then turned around and started to bark. Then he sat down & started to howl. Wow – I had never been this close to a wolf howling. Just then, another wolf over on Cairn Butte answered the howl. THEN, two more just off to my left started up. So there was poppa, momma & Junior all howling with one or two in the distance answering them back. They all headed toward the bay & started walking towards the butte. Junior split from the group & came up to me for a visit. There he is, two feet from me, eying me suspiciously. Mom & Dad started to howl again, and he joined in, right in front of me. I’ll post the photo’s when I can. That was an amazing treat for me. I had only heard them howl once or twice from afar before.

I headed down to the office very bright & early (3.30am) to get the observation program started for Vampire4, a Canadian Forces Twin Otter. He was coming back up from Eureka. I parked the truck, and thought something was amiss. Someone had visited the office prior to me arriving. All around the building and out to the AWOS compound. I sent out the first ob, and looked again. Hmmm, something wasn’t quite right. The Stevenson Screen was off its stand. Looking at those tracks again, I realized that visitor was a fairly large polar bear! He had swiped the screen right off its stand, and was sitting lopsided in the snow. He checked out the AWOS compound also, but nothing seemed to interest him there. So, one broken Stevenson Screen and one missing thermometer. I’ll have to check that out again later to see if I can find the missing thermometer, and maybe put the screen back together again until a replacement is found.

This bear was spotted earlier, off the north-west end of Cape Belknap, which is where the runway, and more importantly – MY office is! No bear was to be seen though. They seem to sleep during the day & prowl around at night. How they can tell the difference, I’m not too sure. The sun just circles around and around overhead.

Plane day delayed

It was a good thing my flight was delayed a day. If it wasn’t, I would have been in the stockade if the WOpsO had anything to say! I managed to get dagged GREEN, and I was ready for my flight on Wednesday May 26th.

I was sure that the flight was going to be an Air Inuit B-737. But, as Dave drove me in, I saw no Air Inuit B-737. Our plane turned out to be good ol’ Hercules number 130334. We departed a few minutes late and stopped in Iqaluit for fuel. Lovely surroundings to spend waiting for the fuelling to end.

We didn’t even make it to the Terminal. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, so it didn’t matter all that much.

We arrived in Alert at around 7pm. A hot meal was being served for everyone, which was nice. After sorta unpacking in my shoebox of a room, I wandered around the building, had a pepsi, then went to bed. I was tired.

No personal internet now :(

Well, abuse of the internet on your own computer took a toll on the system. Personal computers are not allowed to connect to the GPNet Alert anymore. As a result, wordpress will have to be the blog of choice for me.

You can subscribe to my blog, so that whenever I update it, you’ll know. You won’t have to keep checking, although I’ll try to get something in each day, with pictures. No pictures for now, until I get my flash drives scanned for any viruses. Hold tight though, I have a bunch to upload when I can.

Funny though, you can burn a disc (which I don’t have any) or copy to a floppy, but USB drives are verboten. Maybe I get a floppy & do it that way!