No personal internet now :(

Well, abuse of the internet on your own computer took a toll on the system. Personal computers are not allowed to connect to the GPNet Alert anymore. As a result, wordpress will have to be the blog of choice for me.

You can subscribe to my blog, so that whenever I update it, you’ll know. You won’t have to keep checking, although I’ll try to get something in each day, with pictures. No pictures for now, until I get my flash drives scanned for any viruses. Hold tight though, I have a bunch to upload when I can.

Funny though, you can burn a disc (which I don’t have any) or copy to a floppy, but USB drives are verboten. Maybe I get a floppy & do it that way!


One response to “No personal internet now :(

  1. Andrew Mason

    Hi Pete, I finally found your site by checking in my “history” files. All you said was WordPress in your email. Oh well…. Glad you got there safe and sound. I’ll pass the website around. Your car is all clean in our garage. There were lots of maple keys all over it! Not sure what GPNet is, but too bad it’s not working… Chat soon! Andrew 🙂

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