Plane day delayed

It was a good thing my flight was delayed a day. If it wasn’t, I would have been in the stockade if the WOpsO had anything to say! I managed to get dagged GREEN, and I was ready for my flight on Wednesday May 26th.

I was sure that the flight was going to be an Air Inuit B-737. But, as Dave drove me in, I saw no Air Inuit B-737. Our plane turned out to be good ol’ Hercules number 130334. We departed a few minutes late and stopped in Iqaluit for fuel. Lovely surroundings to spend waiting for the fuelling to end.

We didn’t even make it to the Terminal. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, so it didn’t matter all that much.

We arrived in Alert at around 7pm. A hot meal was being served for everyone, which was nice. After sorta unpacking in my shoebox of a room, I wandered around the building, had a pepsi, then went to bed. I was tired.


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