Quiet Sunday

Today was a quiet day for me. One plane, that was supposed to be here at 4pm is still in Eureka. Donnie is working it – she said she didn’t mind, as it’s the last plane of her tour.

There is one (or maybe 2) seals in the bay. They have a small hole where they pop out of every so often to get warmed up by the sun. Where’s that polar bear?

I went to the Storm Gym this afternoon, which is back in the Tech Stores room. I ran 6 simulated Shuttle Run’s up to Level 4, then ran on & on. I ended up doing 7.58 k’s this aft. So that makes it about 17.58 k’s I’ve run so far up here.

On the agenda this evening – dinner at 5pm, then Bingo at 7pm.

I’ll be heading down to the office with Donnie tomorrow morning. I’ll take a look at the Dewcel & Laser Ceilometer. Then try to shovel out the doorway to the old AWOS building, and also do a stock check for the DA account handover. So a rather busy day for me tomorrow.

The observing program starts up once again at 10pm, for the C-17. They leave Trenton at 2am, arriving here around 8am. They offload cargo and fuel (around 40,000 lbs of fuel!) then head right back to Trenton. More flights are scheduled for the heat of summer, but some are saying they won’t be able to do it. The runway isn’t too bad, but the area he turns around in will be the problem. All that weight will tear that area up. Time will tell. Boxtop this September is rumored to be 15(!) C-17 flights, as opposed to 125 or so Hercules C-130 flights! Maybe 8ACCS won’t bother coming up for just 15.

Until tomorrow, take care!


One response to “Quiet Sunday

  1. Nice to know you are up north and keeping fit at the gym. Lots of heat still down here. Last year we had virtually no summer weather, this year it is hot in May and early June. Not complaining. Pat

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