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I’m back…

We lost all communications last Friday, and are slowly returning to normal now. I’ll post an update or two later today.

Edit: we were sorta back, but not. All systems seemed to return to normal late on Thursday. I hope it stays up for the next 5 months. After that, I don’t care, as I’ll be winging it back home!

EMT photo

The EMT got together after lunch for a group shot. Of course we had to have a silly shot too, and here it is…

(I cropped it to make it look a bit better)

With it being Friday, that must mean the weekend is here. Well, not for the Met Shack. I’ll be observing away tomorrow, as Vampire4 wasn’t able to take off today with poor weather conditions. Hopefully it’ll be OK around noon tomorrow, when they plan to depart. The weather was beautiful this morning, then the fog rolled in – around 11am. When does the Twotter crew want to leave? Things that make you go “hmmm”.

Sunday will be busy. We have a Herc taking off early from Trenton, and flying direct up to Alert. So we have a 4am start, and end around 6 or 7pm. Then with a C-17 coming in on Monday, we start at 10.30pm  Sunday night.

The Herc coming up Sunday, leaves 15 minutes prior to the C-17 arrival. He flies off to Thule, then to Eureka, and after a bit heads back to Trenton.

Then the regular Herc flight leaves Trenton on Tuesday, arriving here on Wednesday.

A Room With A View

At 9.30pm, I took a photo from my room. I am looking south towards the power plant and the Winchester Hills.

It was a fairly nice day out today. We were as high as 3 degrees! Sun-tanning weather is almost here. I’ve shoveled part of the boardwalk, so I have somewhere to lie down and soak up some rays!

It clouded over yesterday, with the sun peeking through the clouds at times. The temperature in my room has plummeted from 26 to 20. I have to sleep under my sheets now!

I am still working on the computer files from the office. I am also re-writing the last web site I had, and adding a few more pages.

I haven’t been able to get the dewcel operational, but the Laser Ceilometer is working again. Yay… that is a bit of a help. I’ll fiddle around with the dewcel a bit more to see what may be wrong with it. I think it may be electrical, as there is nothing coming back to the OMIS display.

Today was plane day – Air Inuit flew a bunch of new people in one of their B-737’s. Maybe I’ll be delayed a week in leaving so I can return in one!

It’s almost time for the Hut Movie Night, so I am off for now…

Another beautiful day

I woke up this morning around 8.30am, and headed down to the airfield. I looked around at the beacon building, but saw nothing. Not even the purple saxifrage has come out of the winter as of yet – it’s the middle of June already!

I then drove part way down Memorial Road, and walked the rest of the way. Too much snow there, means I’ll get stuck. Just like Justin last week!

Above is a shot of the area. In the middle is the cemetery for the Lancaster crew that died during a re-supply mission in 1950. To the left is the Herc memorial for the Boxtop flight that went down in 1991. On the right is a cairn raised to commemorate the GG’s visit a few years back.

Here is the cemetery closer up, and below is a close-up of the plaque on the Herc memorial.

After visiting there, I headed to the office for some work. I shoveled more snow, worked on a spreadsheet and tossed out even more stuff not needed.

Did you know – if you click on any of the photo’s in my blog, it will download the full size photo? I’ve sized some to 1200×800.

Until next time…

Time flies when you are having fun…

Life has been hectic up here for me. Trying to get things organized MY way.  TGIF had a surprise in it for me last week. I had requested permission from myself to go from the Met Road to the Hilton. I didn’t think anyone was listening, except for SupO a few days later. Turns out, people were listening, and at the end of TGIF with radio goofs, there was my voice asking me for permission. All for just a good laugh!

I worked the weekend for the girls. If they are happy, so am I!

It is a somewhat normal week, with only Vampire5 Twin Otter flying between Eureka and here.  Tomorrow CF85, the weekly sustainment flight comes in. Next week we’ll have a C-17 and a Herc flight come in on Monday.

As I was driving down to the office yesterday, the engine light came on in the truck. I checked the fluids once I arrived at the office. I thought that would have been taken care of earlier. Foreman said to bring it in to the shop when I was finished for the day. I got to talking to him, and the conversation switched over to Donnie’s driving. He mentioned that he lost count of the number of times Recovery had to rescue the Met Truck from Donnie’s driving. That was like last week when she was driving me down to the office. We went to the end of the runway, then back in to the Met Road. There had been a bit of drifting the previous day, but only a bit. She drives on to the Met Road, and the truck started to buck a bit, so she floored it! Whoa I hollered – stop! Put it in park & put it in 4-wheel drive. She threw up her arms saying, “How? It has always been in 4-wheel drive before.” I thought we were going to fly off into the snow field for a second or two! 🙂

I finally drove up to the NDB Shack, off the far end of the runway today. Saw one lone Snow Chicken there, aka Rock Ptarmigan. He squawked a bit, but let me get quite close to him, before he ran off in the snow.

It was quite warm out today with the sun shining brightly all day & all night long. The snow is slowly beginning to melt. It won’t be long before it is all gone. The purple saxifrage hasn’t blossomed yet, but they’ll be out soon.

Wacky Wednesday

Oh, not so wacky. Just busy again as usual.

The C-17 was delayed for a further 24 hours. So maybe it’s 3rd time lucky? Starting the observing program at 10pm really bites! Makes for a long day, but they come in early & leave almost as quickly.

Vampire5 (Twin Otter) made it in today. Twice. They must have heard there is good food up here and stayed for supper, and the hospitality. They leave first thing tomorrow morning, before the C-17 gets in.

The Air Inuit B-737 flew in this aft. That was cool. Donnie was whisked away, back to the sunny climes of Trenton. She should be there late this evening. Now it is just Cheryl, Deidre and me.

Have you backed up your files yet? They weren’t here, and with something like 1800 things picked up on our computer, like trojans, viruses, whatever else a PC can catch, we lost everything. There was a buckshee backup, but all of May’s data was lost. I can safely say, “I didn’t do it!”

There haven’t been any sightings of polar bears for the past few days. I hope I get to see one sometime! The long-tailed jaegers are back. Rock Ptarmigans are here too. Along with Glaucous Gulls and Red Knots. More to come I’m sure.

That’s about it for today. Stay tuned for more coming up…