Wacky Wednesday

Oh, not so wacky. Just busy again as usual.

The C-17 was delayed for a further 24 hours. So maybe it’s 3rd time lucky? Starting the observing program at 10pm really bites! Makes for a long day, but they come in early & leave almost as quickly.

Vampire5 (Twin Otter) made it in today. Twice. They must have heard there is good food up here and stayed for supper, and the hospitality. They leave first thing tomorrow morning, before the C-17 gets in.

The Air Inuit B-737 flew in this aft. That was cool. Donnie was whisked away, back to the sunny climes of Trenton. She should be there late this evening. Now it is just Cheryl, Deidre and me.

Have you backed up your files yet? They weren’t here, and with something like 1800 things picked up on our computer, like trojans, viruses, whatever else a PC can catch, we lost everything. There was a buckshee backup, but all of May’s data was lost. I can safely say, “I didn’t do it!”

There haven’t been any sightings of polar bears for the past few days. I hope I get to see one sometime! The long-tailed jaegers are back. Rock Ptarmigans are here too. Along with Glaucous Gulls and Red Knots. More to come I’m sure.

That’s about it for today. Stay tuned for more coming up…


One response to “Wacky Wednesday

  1. Andrew Mason

    Well, we’ve cooled down to a high of 20°C. I had to bring in some of the orchids incase it gets any cooler! Looking forward to new updates!

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