Time flies when you are having fun…

Life has been hectic up here for me. Trying to get things organized MY way.  TGIF had a surprise in it for me last week. I had requested permission from myself to go from the Met Road to the Hilton. I didn’t think anyone was listening, except for SupO a few days later. Turns out, people were listening, and at the end of TGIF with radio goofs, there was my voice asking me for permission. All for just a good laugh!

I worked the weekend for the girls. If they are happy, so am I!

It is a somewhat normal week, with only Vampire5 Twin Otter flying between Eureka and here.  Tomorrow CF85, the weekly sustainment flight comes in. Next week we’ll have a C-17 and a Herc flight come in on Monday.

As I was driving down to the office yesterday, the engine light came on in the truck. I checked the fluids once I arrived at the office. I thought that would have been taken care of earlier. Foreman said to bring it in to the shop when I was finished for the day. I got to talking to him, and the conversation switched over to Donnie’s driving. He mentioned that he lost count of the number of times Recovery had to rescue the Met Truck from Donnie’s driving. That was like last week when she was driving me down to the office. We went to the end of the runway, then back in to the Met Road. There had been a bit of drifting the previous day, but only a bit. She drives on to the Met Road, and the truck started to buck a bit, so she floored it! Whoa I hollered – stop! Put it in park & put it in 4-wheel drive. She threw up her arms saying, “How? It has always been in 4-wheel drive before.” I thought we were going to fly off into the snow field for a second or two! 🙂

I finally drove up to the NDB Shack, off the far end of the runway today. Saw one lone Snow Chicken there, aka Rock Ptarmigan. He squawked a bit, but let me get quite close to him, before he ran off in the snow.

It was quite warm out today with the sun shining brightly all day & all night long. The snow is slowly beginning to melt. It won’t be long before it is all gone. The purple saxifrage hasn’t blossomed yet, but they’ll be out soon.


One response to “Time flies when you are having fun…

  1. Hi Pete!
    so, “Hilton” is code for what exactly?!
    ps, I’m still on antibiotics trying to get over the respiratory bug that I’m guessing you passed along to me on the 24th….thanks for that 😉

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