A Room With A View

At 9.30pm, I took a photo from my room. I am looking south towards the power plant and the Winchester Hills.

It was a fairly nice day out today. We were as high as 3 degrees! Sun-tanning weather is almost here. I’ve shoveled part of the boardwalk, so I have somewhere to lie down and soak up some rays!

It clouded over yesterday, with the sun peeking through the clouds at times. The temperature in my room has plummeted from 26 to 20. I have to sleep under my sheets now!

I am still working on the computer files from the office. I am also re-writing the last web site I had, and adding a few more pages.

I haven’t been able to get the dewcel operational, but the Laser Ceilometer is working again. Yay… that is a bit of a help. I’ll fiddle around with the dewcel a bit more to see what may be wrong with it. I think it may be electrical, as there is nothing coming back to the OMIS display.

Today was plane day – Air Inuit flew a bunch of new people in one of their B-737’s. Maybe I’ll be delayed a week in leaving so I can return in one!

It’s almost time for the Hut Movie Night, so I am off for now…


2 responses to “A Room With A View

  1. Andrew Mason

    Like the updates and pictures Pete! Had some rain here today. It was supposed to be sunny for the rest of the week, but now more rain… The garden will appreciate it! 😉

  2. Brighton Pete in Alert

    Raining there – snowing here. At least it is melting and not accumulating. I should mention that the orange vehicle parked beside the trucks is what is referred to as a BV. It is a small and tracked, that can go anywhere. I’ll be in one this afternoon for training, to refresh myself again. I’ll be on the next available course, as I’ll be back-up driver for Slinky – the station ambulance.

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