EMT photo

The EMT got together after lunch for a group shot. Of course we had to have a silly shot too, and here it is…

(I cropped it to make it look a bit better)

With it being Friday, that must mean the weekend is here. Well, not for the Met Shack. I’ll be observing away tomorrow, as Vampire4 wasn’t able to take off today with poor weather conditions. Hopefully it’ll be OK around noon tomorrow, when they plan to depart. The weather was beautiful this morning, then the fog rolled in – around 11am. When does the Twotter crew want to leave? Things that make you go “hmmm”.

Sunday will be busy. We have a Herc taking off early from Trenton, and flying direct up to Alert. So we have a 4am start, and end around 6 or 7pm. Then with a C-17 coming in on Monday, we start at 10.30pm  Sunday night.

The Herc coming up Sunday, leaves 15 minutes prior to the C-17 arrival. He flies off to Thule, then to Eureka, and after a bit heads back to Trenton.

Then the regular Herc flight leaves Trenton on Tuesday, arriving here on Wednesday.


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