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Master Blaster Movie

Here is the video of the blast that I instigated.It was quite the blast – all the quarry crew were quite happy with the results.

Just call me the “Master Blaster”

The Quarry Crew has been hard at work here, crushing rock. So much so, they ran out of rock to crush. So Scotty drilled 60 or so 23 foot long holes into some rock & dropped around 2,000 pounds of dynamite into them. Guess who had the honour of pushing the button to blast this rock to smithereens? Why me, as it turned out. Tickets were sold at the Trading Post for $1 apiece, for a chance to push the button. So I bought 5 tickets. The CO ended up drawing my name.

I wasn’t sure when the event would occur, so I headed down a little after 1pm. After being frisked, or asked, if I had a radio, I was allowed up where the crew was, as they filled the holes.

Here is a photo, taken from the pit, of the blast zone. The crew is on top of the rock that will be blown up by me. 60 or so were drilled on top, each filled with a buncha dynamite. Wires were then all connected, and a line taken up the hill to where the button pushing would be done. That was at the small shed, to the left of the tall pole. All the while, we were chasing away the wolves, with their eight pups, so they wouldn’t get hurt by the flying rock.

Here is just one of many that call the station, and the quarry – home.

After 4pm, the two-minute warning blast sounded – right behind me. Scotty gave me a quick lesson in how to charge the device & blow up all that rock. The time came, and I pushed the button.

A very deep boom resonated through my body, rock flew off to the side, and dust raised up from the cliff that was just blown up.

I was going to post a short video here, but I need a video upgrade, which costs $60US per year.  So I uploaded it at Flickr instead. Have a look – it’s pretty cool.

Dreamy atmosphere

melting into the sea

With no discernible horizon, the landscape looked more like a dream. Dumbell Bay was mostly free of ice, while the Lincoln Sea/Arctic Ocean was still clogged with it.

C-17 taking off

Wouldn’t you know it…

Here I was down at the office when Pte Sine came down in the bus, shooing me out of the office before the C-17 Globemaster departed. She couldn’t get rid of me fast enough! And what camera did I have with me? Well, two, but both don’t count! My iPhone 3GS and my Casio EX-C100 (or something like that.)

Where is my DSLR (Canon XSi) when I need it? Anyway – without further ado, here is CF3686 departing Alert, on its way to Thule, Greenland. The weather wasn’t helping much, as it was a dreary, rainy day.

I’m going to have to take my B-25 kit, computer AND camera bag with me to the office all the time.

Porter? Porter! Take my bags to the truck.

Weekend snow

This weekend saw a fair bit of snow, so I don’t want to hear any complaints about the heat down south! It was heavy and wet, and on cold surfaces, like my truck, accumulated about 10 cm’s worth! But, it was a gorgeous, sunny day on Monday, and to prove it, here is a satellite photo.

It shows quite clearly the snowy mountain ranges of Ellesmere Island. And trust me, that little white dot at the tip of the island really is snow in Alert! Most of the snow melted on Monday. With ferocious winds whipping out of the south later, and on Tuesday, there isn”t much chance for the rest to linger for long.

Most Northern Wedding – in Alert

Saturday was a happy day for Dan (The Fuel Man) Mikkonen and Roxanne Lodge. They were wed in Alert on a cool cloudy day, with an ice-covered Lincoln Sea as the backdrop. Captain Allan Lynk presided over the ceremony.

The happy couple presented themselves for all the photographers, and then went out for a photo shoot around the station.

Dinner was next, with a wedding cake and all. A reception was held at the Arctic Club afterwards. They then tracked off in a BV to the love shack on Kirk Lake for an improvised honeymoon weekend get-away. Presumably a honeymoon vacation will be coming up in the near future.

Here is a picture of the happy couple with a furry-faced me to the right.

Best wishes for a long & happy life together, Dan & Roxanne!

Here is another photo of the happily married couple by the Alert sign.

Hmmm, aren’t we in Nunavut now? That sign really needs to be updated!

I write like Stephen King!

That last post I wrote was analyzed & compared to the writings of Stephen King. Too bad my books run a couple pages, if that! Would be better if they ran thousands, like his!