Nesting on the airfield

There are a number of birds nesting on the airfield. One, not far from our office is the long-tailed jaeger.

They’ll defend their nest with reckless abandon, dive bombing other birds or animals approaching their area of concern. I tried to get a photo of their nest, as they weren’t around. They must have a sixth sense, as they appeared & started dive bombing me before I was at their nest. I was swatted on the back of the head by one of them.

Look out – bogey at 12 o’clock!

Once they had spotted me, the battle was on, but I lost in short order. I beat a hasty retreat before they hit me with their arsenal.

They winter off the coasts of the southern US and northern South America, and usually stay at sea, rarely found inland. While here in Alert, their diet consists mainly of lemmings, which are cute golf-ball shaped mice of the north. They are everywhere! I’ll try to get a photo or two of them and add it on here later.


4 responses to “Nesting on the airfield

  1. great picks keep them coming love it, by the way how are things with you?

  2. Andrew Mason

    Awesome photos of the birds Pete! Did you get the coffee and stuff yet? I just got back from Scotland yesterday (01 July). Got 100’s of pictures! 😉
    Cheerio the nooo!

  3. Pete, These are spectacular pictures. Not a cloud in the sky. The bird in flight with the sun behind is my favourite one. With such a long tail, it reminds me of the national bird in Bermuda, the Longtail.

  4. Brighton Pete in Alert

    Hi jackie – things are going great up here. Of course it helps a lot that I like it here!

    Hey Andrew – yes, the two boxes arrived on Tuesday 🙂 Thanks a lot eh. You did miss the plastic coffee thing you put on a cup though. But never mind…

    The internet is still off and on. Took me all morning to download the Saturday Globe And Mail! I’ll be glad when I can return to my super-high speed wireless network at the end of November!

    Hi Pat – the Long Tail has a very long tail! That one right over me is my fave too. I was just pointing the camera & shooting. Most of the pics were of blue sky, tips of wings or one of their butts! But some were spot on!

    Hope all is swell in Brighton! You do have a nice long weekend! Later…

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