It’s about time (It’s about space…)

I liked that show when it was on – Time Tunnel, wasn’t it?

Anyway, yes, it is about time I got back on the blog. I have been very busy, and the internet here has been up & down. Looks good now though, as Op NEVUS (formerly NEMESIS, formerly HURRICANE) is now wrapping up. They are ferrying everyone from Eureka up to Alert this week.

A bit of news… the Long-tailed Jaegers that were nesting on the airfield are gone. My guess is a wolf got to their eggs. I did see 9 wolves cavorting over on Cairn Butte last evening. They were having a great time. Probably had a great feast, and they were running off pent-up steam.

I decided to run down to Alert Narrows to see if I could call them, but the wind was blowing the wrong direction down there. A light northwest breeze by the water kept it a chilly 3 degrees, but one hundred feet up, it was howling from the south and the temperature was 16!

I wandered about, watching all the birds. An Arctic Tern put on quite the show for me, just off the shore. He was flitting up and down the coast, diving in for a snack every so often.

There are 3 of the photo’s I took of him. I managed to get a few keepers of him. There is a pair of Thayer’s Gulls here too. As well as many Long-tailed Jaegers.  He had just splashed out of the water in the main photo, and a couple of him flying around, looking for food.

On the climb back (there are a lot of hills here!), I took a close-up of a small patch of Arctic Poppies.

Plants take root everywhere up here! I’ll go out looking for more plants to photograph on the weekend.

And of course, I am always taking photo’s of my favourite hills. This one taken partway up the hill from Alert Narrows.

Maybe this summer I’ll drive a BV out to those hills, now that I am qualified on  them once again. Myself, Mini-doc & Roadrunner were out in one this morning, taking it through its paces. We each drove around Upper/Lower Water Street, then we headed off to Lower Dumbell Lake and the fishing hut. I’ll have to take a jog down there sometime.

That’s all for now. More to come. Keep them comments coming!


One response to “It’s about time (It’s about space…)

  1. More great shots of the artic tern. Too bad about the eggs gone now. I am enjoying your posts.

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