Most Northern Wedding – in Alert

Saturday was a happy day for Dan (The Fuel Man) Mikkonen and Roxanne Lodge. They were wed in Alert on a cool cloudy day, with an ice-covered Lincoln Sea as the backdrop. Captain Allan Lynk presided over the ceremony.

The happy couple presented themselves for all the photographers, and then went out for a photo shoot around the station.

Dinner was next, with a wedding cake and all. A reception was held at the Arctic Club afterwards. They then tracked off in a BV to the love shack on Kirk Lake for an improvised honeymoon weekend get-away. Presumably a honeymoon vacation will be coming up in the near future.

Here is a picture of the happy couple with a furry-faced me to the right.

Best wishes for a long & happy life together, Dan & Roxanne!

Here is another photo of the happily married couple by the Alert sign.

Hmmm, aren’t we in Nunavut now? That sign really needs to be updated!


2 responses to “Most Northern Wedding – in Alert

  1. Mike Jubb

    Nice beard on ya Pete!!!! Could hardly tell it was you!!

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