Weekend snow

This weekend saw a fair bit of snow, so I don’t want to hear any complaints about the heat down south! It was heavy and wet, and on cold surfaces, like my truck, accumulated about 10 cm’s worth! But, it was a gorgeous, sunny day on Monday, and to prove it, here is a satellite photo.

It shows quite clearly the snowy mountain ranges of Ellesmere Island. And trust me, that little white dot at the tip of the island really is snow in Alert! Most of the snow melted on Monday. With ferocious winds whipping out of the south later, and on Tuesday, there isn”t much chance for the rest to linger for long.


4 responses to “Weekend snow

  1. – Great satellite shot, send a bit of coolness our way please…
    – re the wedding photo, I presume that is your “scare the bears” facial camouflage…shades of Osama Bin Peter!

  2. Brighton Pete in Alert

    Amazing the details the Canon XSi captures!

    That beard is for the bears – don’t need them around my shack. Haven’t seen any evidence of them being here since my first week. Hope I see at least one before I go. 1/3 of the way along, not much longer up here now!

  3. Andrew Mason

    If you saw the satellite shot for Brighton/Trenton, you’d see some severe T-storms in the area for today (21 Jul). A box of stuff is on it’s way up. I took it to the post office earlier this week.
    Andrew 🙂

  4. Brighton Pete in Alert

    Thanks Andrew. I’m not sure if it made its way up today on the C-17. If not, next week!

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