C-17 taking off

Wouldn’t you know it…

Here I was down at the office when Pte Sine came down in the bus, shooing me out of the office before the C-17 Globemaster departed. She couldn’t get rid of me fast enough! And what camera did I have with me? Well, two, but both don’t count! My iPhone 3GS and my Casio EX-C100 (or something like that.)

Where is my DSLR (Canon XSi) when I need it? Anyway – without further ado, here is CF3686 departing Alert, on its way to Thule, Greenland. The weather wasn’t helping much, as it was a dreary, rainy day.

I’m going to have to take my B-25 kit, computer AND camera bag with me to the office all the time.

Porter? Porter! Take my bags to the truck.


2 responses to “C-17 taking off

  1. Andrew Mason

    I think that’s a great picture of the C-17!

    • Brighton Pete in Alert

      Not too bad – taken from Memorial Road, near the far end of the runway. Would have been a fantastic photo, if I had my Canon! It is much faster & just plain better than either the iPhone or Casio.

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