Dreamy atmosphere

melting into the sea

With no discernible horizon, the landscape looked more like a dream. Dumbell Bay was mostly free of ice, while the Lincoln Sea/Arctic Ocean was still clogged with it.


4 responses to “Dreamy atmosphere

  1. Andrew Mason

    Again – Nice picture! Very tranquil looking!
    Keep them coming, they’re nice to see.
    BTW, did your box arrive yet?

  2. Brighton Pete in Alert

    I’ll try this comment again. This afternoon’s did not stick. Probably from all the snow falling up here!

    We were to have a plane tomorrow and Wednesday, but now, just after 6pm Monday, we have two on Wednesday. Hopefully we’ll have two. Apparently the charter flight doesn’t bring mail up with it, for some unknown reason.

  3. Andrew Mason

    Yesterday, I also sent up what looks like a bill…. 😦
    Other than that, all is well here! Sandy & Marilyn coming over for dinner on Thursday (29th)

    • Brighton Pete in Alert

      Say hi to everyone for me! Two planes arrived today, but neither had any mail onboard!

      I did get to hit the button to detonate 2 tones of TNT at the quarry. Blog update coming by tomorrow.

      Mail & milk are in short supply up here… *sigh*

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