I found another gravesite!

I decided to head down to the Met Shack today to get the end-month reports done. I drove off to the end of Cape Belknap, where I had run yesterday. Amazing, I never thought that there was a tide here, but there certainly is. With the tide running out, it left a graveyard of bergy bits.

Amidst all the beached bits, were some grounded in shallow water. Here is a table for two…

… and not far away was this delicate ice sculpture, also grounded, and going nowhere.

After finishing the end-month reports, I headed back up the hill. At the dog cemetery, I noticed a wolf, so I grabbed my camera and zoom lens, and headed over to the cliff edge to see if the pups had returned also. Oh ya, there were two laying down in their meadow. I started to call, and they looked up at me. Then another pup, off to my right started howling. The others quickly joined in. Then the baby-sitter, mom & dad came running with the other pups, gathering them up for safety.

(I added bars at top & bottom to fit a 1280×800 screen)

There was a rogue wolf in their midst. Oh relax – it was just me! They then started to head over towards the quarry, away from that rogue…

Here is a photo of six (of the eight) pups, chasing after mom & dad. They are so cute! I’m glad I had a zoom lens handy.

One last photo for the day is off my fave hills, reflected off of Dumbell Bay.


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