Hike to the Owl’s Nest

A group of seven headed off to the owl’s nest to take a look at the owlets. It was quite the hike, there and back. Unfortunately, the owlet’s had flown the coop, and only one lone adult was still flying around.

Here is a scenic view from an inukshuk, just up from the owl’s nest. You can see Feilden Peninsula, 16 kilometres off in the distance, the camp closer, to its right; Alert Inlet, Alert Narrows, Dumbell Bay and the Arctic Ocean. Pullen Creek Gorge is to the right of the photo. The owl’s nest was just a small high point of land. Maxi (Dawn) knew where it was, otherwise, you’d never know it was an owls nest.

Here we are, heading back over the tundra. Along the way, we did see a neatly woven nest of grasses that some bird had used, but was now vacant. A lot of Willow trees and Arctic Poppies were everywhere.

Without a tree anywhere in sight, nests are made on the bare ground. It looks odd to see one just lying on the tundra like this. This one though, looks like it was made, but never used. Unless they are very clean & tidy birds!

You can view the track by clicking on the following link. I didn’t have my heart rate monitor on, but my heart was pounding at times.  Even though we are at the top of the world, there are still hills to climb!

via Untitled by brightonpete at Garmin Connect – Details.


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