Beech & Ptarmigans

We had a Beechcraft King Air 200 here this week. Some people came up to finalize the new lighting systems on the airfield. This is the aircraft that came up. I didn’t get a photo myself, so this is from their website. Keystone Air out of Winnipeg was the charter service used.

Shortly after they took off this morning, I stepped outside to check the temperatures, when I noticed a flock of baby ptarmigans in the backyard. See how many you can count in this photo I took. You might want to click on the photo to open up the full size version.

You can see our slightly damaged, tied down Stevenson Screen on the left. I counted eight of them. They shuffled out of my way as I approached them, but didn’t seem flustered at all by me.

We also had yet another Polar Dip today. I again, missed it. Ah well – next time I’ll get down there. I have stuck my foot in the ocean. That’s good enough for me! It has been blustery for the past few days, but at least it is a southerly wind, which keeps the temperature warm – as high as 12 today!

I hope everyone is doing well down south!


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