More wolves

After dinner the other night, I looked out the picture windows of Hut53’s common room, and saw the wolves massing to the left on a small hill. I ran for my camera and raced outside. What a racket! They were all howling like crazy. Eventually, mom started walking over towards the incinerator building. I took a bunch of photo’s and here are 4 of them.

Mom was looking right at me, as I snapped a picture of her. There are 3 photo’s of her kids along the side. Eight this year! They are growing fast, and in the larger version, you can see the longer coarse fur growing out – esp. the middle photo.

She took them to the incinerator building, then laid down for a nap while the kids played. Later in the evening, they headed back to the quarry. All but one that is. He/she was howling like crazy, wondering where everyone went. Eventually he headed over to join the others, who were howling also. These wolves love to howl!


2 responses to “More wolves

  1. Hi Pete, can you record and post a video with the wolf howls so we could all hear ?

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