The first time I saw one of these, was in the middle of the night, in the middle of W601. W601 is a naval training area off the coast of Washington. Being a weatherman, you’d think I’d see them all the time. But they don’t occur too often. I had thick fog up here the other morning, and with the sun shining brightly, a fogbow appeared. They appear colourless  as they are made up of tiny water droplets. Check out Wikipedia  for more info.


One response to “Fogbow

  1. Nice pics Pete! Well, the Scotland portion of the trip is almost at a close! Tomorrow (Thursday 02 Sep), is our last full day, then Friday (03 Sep), heading off to France (Toulouse) and meeting up with Claude and Anthony.
    I hope you’ve been able to follow some of my pictures on my website or Facebook. (6C over night here past few nights, but highs of around 18-19C – not the 30-something Brighton is having!!) 😉

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