Boxtop I is in the history books

Boxtop I (dry boxtop) is now done & over with. Seven C-17 flights was all it took top transfer all dry goods to the station this year. Instead of 125 or so flights of the C-130 Hercules aircraft, there were just seven(!) flights of the new C-17 Globemaster! One plane (177704), two crews, seven flights, 4 days and a year’s worth of dry goods. They returned twice today to drop off some more fuel. They leave Thule tomorrow, bound for Trenton.

There were a few theatrics going on for the final flight today. The pilot called me on VHF saying that they’d be delayed in landing, to burn off a bit of fuel. Next thing I see, as I look up from my desk is a C-17 bearing right down on the Met Shack. He mad a couple more passes. This one was the second pass, flying over top the runway.

I wish I had a video camera to get the fly-by’s. One more very cool fly-by on departing, and off they went, south to Thule.


One response to “Boxtop I is in the history books

  1. Hi Pete!
    Just got back from the Orkney’s last night. Two days was not enough to see what I wanted! Oh well, C’est la vie… I’ve been updating my web site and also put some pics on Facebook.
    Got to go! Off the the Glenmorangie distillery today!
    Cheerio & Sláinte!

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