By popular demand…

Labour Day weekend 2010 - the end of an era

Here I am up here, once again, with full beard. But don’t hold your breath! After months of harassment, and then the SWO told me last night that I have to trim it or shave it off. It looks pretty bad along the sides trimmed, so I guess I have to shave it off. Go figure – when the army ran this place, a full beard was allowed, and was quite common. Now that the Air Force is running Alert, one has to keep it trimmed and shaved. So this is the end of an era – half the fun of coming up here has disappeared in a flash.

This photo was taken through the office window. Now that winter is here, with lots of snow covering everything, it may be easier to keep the windows clean. I was walking back in to the office, after checking the weather, when this shot was taken.


2 responses to “By popular demand…

  1. GOOD! We told you before! It doesn’t look good! Listen to the station chief, maybe a nice trim and see how it looks! 😉

  2. Brighton Pete in Alert

    Well, I liked it. So much so that it is once again growing!

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