A hike around Upper Dumbell Lake

Last weekend, I went for a walk on Upper/Lower Water Street with the FM tech & Floater tech, but turned off onto Caribou Road, for a hike around Upper Dumbell Lake.

Here is a view of the United States Range in the distance,
covered in snow. Upper Dumbell Lake (completely ice-free)
is at the bottom of the photo.

Hiking around the lake, I stopped at the wolves den, but saw no wolves. I did see a number of chewed up gloves & a pair of sunglasses they had snatched from wary visitors.  Once the kids had left the den in the early summer, they made the station their home. I hiked up behind the den and along this gorge…

The sun had finally appeared for a little bit that afternoon. The blue sky looked awesome, as compared with the low clouds that usually cover it up all the time. With the freeze/thaw cycles up here, the rock slowly breaks down, creating a very rough terrain. I walked along the edge of the gorge on the tundra to the right, and slowly down to stream level, where I walked along a smaller gorge and then onto a flat plain. Then climbing through two more gorges, I made it back down to the shore of Upper Dumbell Lake, and Water Street. It was an easy walk from there on the road.

I should add a few other photos I took along the way, as the scenery is spectacular.


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