Labour Day in Alert

With this being Labour Day, the station staged a Terry Fox Bike/Run/Walk event. No one took a bike out, but quite a few ran, and even more walked it. I opted to just walk today, and whilst at the big sign down below, had my picture taken. It was a great day for a walk. 5 cm’s of snow on the ground and the temperature sitting at around -6 degrees C.

After that, we had a great BBQ dinner at the Igloo Gardens, then everyone piled outside for a end-of-season bondo.

At 8pm, everyone will gather up in the Arctic Club for certificates that we took part in the Terry Fox Run/Walk today.

[Edit: I don’t know what happened last night. I went up to the Arctic Club at 8pm, but the only crowd that was there was for Euchre. I have no idea where the certificates are.]

The end of today will be the shaving of my beloved beard, and back to work tomorrow. I hope everyone down south enjoyed the Labour Day weekend as well!

[Edit: Today I woke up feeling naked without my beard. The IS Tech mentioned that I look 10 years younger, so that may be a good thing.]


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