Winter is here & so is Boxtop II

I should also add – BLUE SKY! We haven’t seen that in over two weeks. It has been a rarity this summer, and  is very nice to be looking out the window at it, before it turns to black in a month.

There is no fall up here. Summer ends rather abruptly, and winter begins. It began last week. We have 13 cm’s of snow on the ground up here now. The other thing that arrived was the quad radar for Boxtop II. That’s its plane sitting on the tarmac in the photo. Two weeks of fuel deliveries, then all will be quiet *phew* here in Alert.

It was a very foggy, frosty morning today, with the temperature hovering around -15 C. The sun is well below the horizon now as it sets.  You can clearly see the Belt of Venus in this misty photo of the Herc and the Winchester Hills. The last day we see the sun will be Thursday October 14th. It will be gone until March 1st or so of next year.


4 responses to “Winter is here & so is Boxtop II

  1. It’s still summer here in Vaison-la-Romaine! 30ish during the day and high teens over night. We arrived here at Paul Chappell’s on Monday. Today we went to Avignon to see the Palais des Papes, and the bridge (Sur le pont, d’Avignon….!)
    Claude goes home on Saturday, and of course you know I’m here until the end of October!
    Au revoir the nooo!
    Andrew 🙂

    • Brighton Pete in Alert

      Is that the long sexy bridge they built and have had TV shows about?

  2. I’ll say yes, but I’m not sure…!

    • Brighton Pete in Alert

      Well? Send me a photo. The internet is too slow up here for your web site…

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