Another sunset

It is that time of the year, when the sun sets. Sunsets last for hours, and so do sun rises. It is absolutely beautiful to watch them up here. That is, when we can see them. For the past week, the skies have been fairly clear, with lots of sunshine. Here is a photo, looking northwest towards Cape Richardson. The pillar of light above the sun is caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere.

A little bit earlier, this was the view of the southeast – my favourite hills. You’ll probably see more of these hills. At least until it is too dark to see anything!


3 responses to “Another sunset

  1. Absolutely stunning sunset. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I agree with Pat! That sunset is an awesome shot!
    Au revoir the nooo!

  3. Brighton Pete in Alert

    Glad you like the photos. The sun sets tonight before I get to work – at 1854 EDT. We are losing almost 1/2 an hour a day now of sunshine. A couple more weeks and it’ll be set for good.

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