“1st Contact”

While at work yesterday afternoon, the wolf pack (4 adults and 5 kids) strolled down to the Met Shack for a visit.  Here is one of them checking me out.That was way cool – having them all down for a visit. Later, all but this wolf in the photo, had gone down to the shore of Black Cliffs Bay. I went out to fiddle with the thermometers, and she followed me down the boardwalk. I stopped, she stopped, I howled a bit at the kids howling off in the distance, and she did too.

I may put up a couple more from their visit another day…


4 responses to ““1st Contact”

  1. Maybe they were looking at you as snack material!!!!

  2. Brighton Pete in Alert

    Well, I did have my hand closed, so there were no dangling fingers. She must have thought I had a treat in there! It’s funny how they don’t look at us as prey. Good thing though, since there are so many of them up here!

  3. Gary Ware

    my, you are a trusting soul, but clearly, that wolf is not that “lean and mean”!

  4. Brighton Pete in Alert

    These wolves are lean… always trying to get a handout. Have to be careful taking the garbage out though, as the rustling of the plastic means ‘dinner time’ to them!

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