The Wolf Pack came a-calling again…

These crazy guys & gals came back to the Met Shack for another visit. I’m glad I keep my camera with me most of the time. These three are great shots if you ask me…

“I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!”

“Hey, I’m ready too, aren’t I?”
(I love this shot! What a look on his/her face!)

“But what about me?”

After they had finished posing for the camera, it was play time. The kids started horsing around in the parking lot, then one caught sight of a chew-toy, and of course, the others came along to chew too. Too bad it was the block heater wire for my truck!

Here he is, eying the plug-in chew-toy…

… then look out, everyone wants in on it!

I had to laugh this morning.  I let loose a ceiling balloon just before 8am to see how high the ceiling was. Just as I let it go, I noticed a wolf down by the radar road. He was looking up at the balloon, then me, and back to the balloon. He must have thought it was a tasty treat blowing away in the wind!


One response to “The Wolf Pack came a-calling again…

  1. Once again Pete! Awesome pictures!!! I’ve been putting pics up on my web site. Maybe one of these days you’ll get to see it! Tasting lots of wines and lots of cheeses! I hope I can remember them all! Keep the pictures coming!!
    Andrew 🙂

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