The last of the sunlight

Out and about today, I was watching the sun as it skirted along the horizon. Not that I saw it at all, as it rose behind Crystal Mountain, and set behind Mount Hilgard &/or the US Range. Sunrise blends in to sunset,  and the colours are amazing. Whereas down south (in south-eastern Ontario, and most places south of here) sunrise and sets take place in a matter of minutes, here they last for hours on end. The leaves are changing colour down south, but the sky is constantly changing colour up here.

Looking out to the northwest toward Feilden Peninsula, I saw the sun glowing brightly on parts of it. It didn’t reach the ice today though. With it slowly sinking, and the island topography, we’ll be lucky to see it again prior to its last official setting on Thursday at 1220 EDT. That will be the last of it until February 27, 2011!

We’ll still have great colours for a couple more weeks, before its light sinks completely out of sight. By the end of October, it will be quite dark.


2 responses to “The last of the sunlight

  1. Sounds nice Pete! We’ve been having some cool weather too! Lows from 6 – 8C and highs around 20 – 23C. Brrrrr! I have to wear my fleece when I go out for les croissants dans le matin!! Roughly a week and a half to go until I head back to Canada. On Sunday 24th, I’ll head off to Toulouse, and then Monday 25th on my way back! I’m not sure if my French is any better or not. The real test will be when I go to Quebec! We have a mountain nearby here, Mont Ventoux. If it’s clear in the morning, I might head on up there. I was supposed to go to Marseille today, but because of the strikes, all trains cancelled 😦 TTYL Andrew

  2. Brighton Pete in Alert

    +6 to +8? Oh brr indeed. I think I’d be out in a t-shirt, shorts & sandals. A veritable heat wave for me!

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