Final Sunrise/set today

The final sunrise/set of the year occurred in Alert today. A gaggle of people headed off to Crystal Mountain this morning to view the last glimpse of the sun. Some took off on snowmobiles leftover from a spring exercise, and even more piled into BV’s. I stayed in to work, as I didn’t think much would be seen. The snowmobilers arrived first, and viewed what looked like sunlight behind some clouds. Then the rest arrived in BV’s, just as it fogged in – they saw nothing. I saw pretty much what they saw, without going anywhere. I like my photo of the sunlight actually hitting the ground from the other day.

Dinner was served at 1700 hrs (5pm) , and then a bunch headed out for a bonfire. I was in & out all day today, so I stayed inside where it is a bit warmer. It was around -20C out there today. I’ll stay put where it is 40 degrees warmer, thank you very muchly!

I was going to take a photo at 1220 EDT, the official setting of the sun, but it was all white. Just look at a free patch of this web page, and that is pretty much what I saw outside for most of the day!



3 responses to “Final Sunrise/set today

  1. Very interesting report. Yes, the sunset picture from the other day was great and close to the final sunset.

  2. So now most of your pictures will be from indoors? It won’t be long now until you’re back in the sunny south! 😉

  3. Brighton Pete in Alert

    Indoors? No… I’ll have a few photo’s up of Santa & his reindeer doing hit & run’s on my runway. They’ll be practicing for their big day soon!

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