Happy New Year!

I suppose I should put in the other photo’s I took, but wait for those in the slide show I am making.

Oh no! Another travelogue slide show? I promise – I won’t bore you too much!

I arrived back home on December 3rd – no delays returning home, only delays on the way up. No sooner than I get back home, I get a call from the boss asking me if I’d go back to replace Mike when he takes his mid-tour break. So I’ll be back in Alert in next month for 3 or 4 weeks. Three weeks if they allow a runway handover. So I will have seen the sun set (through all the cloud we had) and will view the same sun rise. This will be the 7th trip back up there. Good thing I like it up there!

So, stand by for more news & photo’s from the north.


One response to “Happy New Year!

  1. A glutton for punishment?? At least you won’t have to bring all of that U.A.B. with you this time! 😉

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