Wouldn’t you know it…

Not 5 minutes after I arrive, I blow out my knee! It swelled up pretty big, but wasn’t too, too sore. After a while, I had no problem moving it, or walking on it. Good thing, as Mike left on the plane I arrived on a few minutes later!

Also, after running around finishing packing on Wednesday, I wasn’t finished. I had a sneaking suspicion while waiting for the plane to take off in Trenton that I didn’t have my iPhone USB wire & wall-plug-in chummy. Those suspicions proved true, and last night, after only 12 or so hours, my iPhone was as dead as a door-nail! *sigh*

But there is a good point – lotsa people have iPhones, and I can borrow a wire to charge up my phone! *phew*

Off to lunch now – more to come later.


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