My iPhone has been re-charged!

I was afraid that my phone had lost everything since it had no power, and I was unable to charge it for 5 days. I plugged it in last night, and an hour later I was able to see that all was OK.

I just took this photo a few minutes ago.

The iPhone 3GS camera isn’t all that great, as you can see. The land is visible to me, but not to my camera. This is an HDR image of the sun, which is still below the horizon. It should rise around 1030am on the 27th of February.

Apparently, the wolves are around. All eight of them. I tried calling them yesterday, but I think they were otherwise preoccupied. I’ll try again later.

Anyone an “Ice Pilots” TV show fan? Starting today, Buffalo Air will be flying their Electra L188 in from Resolute Bay until Monday next week. We are low on Ultra-Low-Sulphur Diesel, so they won the contract to ferry it in. I’ll have to get some photo’s of them – maybe with my cam-corder.


2 responses to “My iPhone has been re-charged!

  1. Sorry to hear about your knee! Even though you say the pictures with the iPhone 3G aren’t that good, take them anyway! Inquiring minds want to see them! 😉 We’re supposed to be up to +10 Thurs/Fri! Maybe some of that warm air will drift a little further north to you?! I know it’s still only February, but looking forward to Spring now!

  2. Brighton Pete in Alert

    I will – I also have my cam-corder. But those will have to wait as I forgot (what else did I forget?) the USB wire for it. The knee is all bruised up, but is getting better. I’ll see Starlight Minor & see if he thinks it is OK to jog on a treadmill soon.
    Horrible weather here again – for me anyway. Fog comes in, fog goes out. Sheesh, I wish it would make up its mind!

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