The REAL Nippy stopped by for a visit a few minutes ago. They have always been quite nice to me, but she is alone today. As I walked by her, she lunged at me and nipped me in my left calf. She broke the skin and drew blood. I called Starlight and he said clean it, so I did. I also applied Bee Propolis too.

I go up now to begin the shots 😦

EDIT: Nippy is a wolf. He is from the local wolf pack. I thought this one was different from the wolf that had been visiting me at the Met Shack during the past week, but after looking at her blood stained feet, she is the same one.

I stepped out to check on the weather, and she came running from the backyard. She’s never been aggressive with me before. I just talked to her a bit, and then carried on walking by her to look at the sky. That was when she ducked in & nipped at my leg. She broke the skin and drew blood.
After 10am, I headed up to the MIR (Medical Inspection Room) to start taking the shots. First came tetanus. Then I suppose a rather large needle was next (I didn’t want to look at it!). This is the one that is inserted INTO the wound, and then played with, injecting the goop while being withdrawn. That was done 4 or 5 times. Then came another shot of something or other in the other arm. That was today.
I get the wound shots again on Thursday, Monday next week, in two weeks, and then a 4th in 4 weeks.


It doesn’t hurt now, but I am still walking funny, favouring the knee blow-up & now this! Since I work in Trenton, they’ll let me leave next week – maybe. Or else I will be here for a further 28 days! I’ll find out tomorrow – more than likely I’ll be home next week.


4 responses to “Uh-oh…

  1. WOW! Was that a wolf or a fox? I know they’ve been timid in the past, but they are still wild animals! It also could have been a lot worse! I hope someone doesn’t try to say that you instigated it! Also, it’s coming to the end of a long winter, maybe you looked very appealing to the wolf/fox!!!! πŸ˜‰

    Are you still able to work? Maybe you’ll have to be medivaced home – say… next week? πŸ˜‰
    Keep us updated!

  2. Sandy Graham

    Hi Pete,
    I just spoke with Claude who told me about your latest adventure. I hope that all is healing. Word has spread within the animal kingdom and Emma and Newman are looking forward to a morsel when you get back. Take care

    • Brighton Pete in Alert

      Is Emma & Newman sure they want a bite? Maybe I do have rabies. Then they get it too!

  3. Thanks for the clarification Pete about the wolf. I was pretty sure that’s what it was. That one needle/injection/shot sounds horrible! Let me know the dates if you’ll be back next week! πŸ˜‰

    Will they try and have the wolf put down? I hope not…

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