Monthly Archives: March 2011

The sun, the sun!

The sun apparently rose at 1035am on the 27th of February. No one could tell as there were too many clouds in the sky (hmm, just like last October with the sunset!) Not only that, but the Winchester Hills get in the way also! But it was definitely brightening up earlier each day.

Here we are, enjoying our Sunrise Dinner BBQ in the Maintenance garage.

Replacement truck down…

The replacement for the ┬áMet Truck (which broke down the day before I arrived,) needed work done on it. The alternator wasn’t charging the battery, so after lunch I took it to Maintenance to see what they could do with it. Warren set to work right away and in no time had installed a new alternator. Way to go Warren – thanks eh!

Here is a camera-shy Warren & his apprentice working on my truck.