I am a former Meteorological Technician (weatherman) with the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Navy and the Army. My favourite posting was T-D (temporary duty) in Alert, Nunavut. All of 4,400 kilometres north of where I now live. I went up there 6 times, spending 2 years counting snowflakes and bringing in the planes. Overall, it was a great job, one that I miss. Postings I had during my career are…

  • CFS Cornwallis Nova Scotia : Boot Camp : Sep-Dec 1975
  • CFB Winnipeg Manitoba: Trades training Jan-Mar 1976
  • CFB Summerside Prince Edward Island : Apr 1976-Aug 1979
  • HMCS Kootenay : Victoria British Columbia : Aug 1979-Aug 1981
  • CFB Edmonton : Edmonton Alberta : Aug 1981-Jun 1984
  • CFB Baden-Soellingen : West Germany : Jun 1984-Dec 1987
  • CFB Petawawa : Petawawa Ontario Jan 1988-Aug 1992
  • CFB Trenton : Quinte West Ontario : Aug 1992-May 1992
  • CFB Shilo : Brandon Manitoba : Jun-Oct 1996

I then retired from the Regular Force and moved back to the Trenton area. I stopped by the office & was offered a Reserve position. It took a while to get back in, but I worked in the Reserve Force for 12 years (!) from June 1997 until July 2009. Every so often, it looked like I may be laid off, but the job just kept on going. One of the briefers mentioned I can still be used for a while yet & when I heard one guy in a similar circumstance to me signed back In the Reg Force, I tried as well. I was accepted and served full time once again in the Royal Canadian Air Force at CFB Trenton from July 2009 until I was medically released in April of 2014. I am now retired full-time, and enjoying every minute of it!

I had a number of side trips here & there to help with manning, or on a course, so I saw a fair chunk of this country, and parts of the world. Since the Military is such a peripatetic vocation, I am no longer all that interested in travelling, but one of these days, I’d love to drive down the Pacific Coast Highway – listening to 808 State!

I originally started this blog when I was in Alert in 2007. That blog is long gone now, but I started it up again when I headed back up there once again in 2010. Every so often I add to it, but usually only when something piques my interest.

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