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The end is near..

I first started this blog when I headed up north to Alert. This let everyone see what life was like during my tours. I had a lot to talk about when I was up there, with a lot of photos as well.

Since coming back, this site has languished in the doldrums of my mind. Not much has happened, and besides… who really cares about something around here that anyone can see anyway.

So with that in mind, I will not be renewing my site this summer. It will be taken down and disposed of, although the great internet archive (wherever that is) probably will have in perpetuity. It may come down earlier. I just want a record of my time up there, then it can come down.

It was fun, especially when I was up north, but its time has come to say goodbye.

The sun, the sun!

The sun apparently rose at 1035am on the 27th of February. No one could tell as there were too many clouds in the sky (hmm, just like last October with the sunset!) Not only that, but the Winchester Hills get in the way also! But it was definitely brightening up earlier each day.

Here we are, enjoying our Sunrise Dinner BBQ in the Maintenance garage.

Replacement truck down…

The replacement for the  Met Truck (which broke down the day before I arrived,) needed work done on it. The alternator wasn’t charging the battery, so after lunch I took it to Maintenance to see what they could do with it. Warren set to work right away and in no time had installed a new alternator. Way to go Warren – thanks eh!

Here is a camera-shy Warren & his apprentice working on my truck.

Sun’s up!

The sun rose today, although no one here saw a glimpse of it. Was a bit too cloudy. We had a few centimetre’s of snow overnight. It ended early this morning and partially cleared. Hopefully, the forecasted winds for tomorrow won’t be as bad as they say, or else it’ll be a white-out. We should be able to see the sun on Tuesday.

Than I leave on Wednesday – yay!


The REAL Nippy stopped by for a visit a few minutes ago. They have always been quite nice to me, but she is alone today. As I walked by her, she lunged at me and nipped me in my left calf. She broke the skin and drew blood. I called Starlight and he said clean it, so I did. I also applied Bee Propolis too.

I go up now to begin the shots 😦

EDIT: Nippy is a wolf. He is from the local wolf pack. I thought this one was different from the wolf that had been visiting me at the Met Shack during the past week, but after looking at her blood stained feet, she is the same one.

I stepped out to check on the weather, and she came running from the backyard. She’s never been aggressive with me before. I just talked to her a bit, and then carried on walking by her to look at the sky. That was when she ducked in & nipped at my leg. She broke the skin and drew blood.
After 10am, I headed up to the MIR (Medical Inspection Room) to start taking the shots. First came tetanus. Then I suppose a rather large needle was next (I didn’t want to look at it!). This is the one that is inserted INTO the wound, and then played with, injecting the goop while being withdrawn. That was done 4 or 5 times. Then came another shot of something or other in the other arm. That was today.
I get the wound shots again on Thursday, Monday next week, in two weeks, and then a 4th in 4 weeks.


It doesn’t hurt now, but I am still walking funny, favouring the knee blow-up & now this! Since I work in Trenton, they’ll let me leave next week – maybe. Or else I will be here for a further 28 days! I’ll find out tomorrow – more than likely I’ll be home next week.

My iPhone has been re-charged!

I was afraid that my phone had lost everything since it had no power, and I was unable to charge it for 5 days. I plugged it in last night, and an hour later I was able to see that all was OK.

I just took this photo a few minutes ago.

The iPhone 3GS camera isn’t all that great, as you can see. The land is visible to me, but not to my camera. This is an HDR image of the sun, which is still below the horizon. It should rise around 1030am on the 27th of February.

Apparently, the wolves are around. All eight of them. I tried calling them yesterday, but I think they were otherwise preoccupied. I’ll try again later.

Anyone an “Ice Pilots” TV show fan? Starting today, Buffalo Air will be flying their Electra L188 in from Resolute Bay until Monday next week. We are low on Ultra-Low-Sulphur Diesel, so they won the contract to ferry it in. I’ll have to get some photo’s of them – maybe with my cam-corder.

Wouldn’t you know it…

Not 5 minutes after I arrive, I blow out my knee! It swelled up pretty big, but wasn’t too, too sore. After a while, I had no problem moving it, or walking on it. Good thing, as Mike left on the plane I arrived on a few minutes later!

Also, after running around finishing packing on Wednesday, I wasn’t finished. I had a sneaking suspicion while waiting for the plane to take off in Trenton that I didn’t have my iPhone USB wire & wall-plug-in chummy. Those suspicions proved true, and last night, after only 12 or so hours, my iPhone was as dead as a door-nail! *sigh*

But there is a good point – lotsa people have iPhones, and I can borrow a wire to charge up my phone! *phew*

Off to lunch now – more to come later.